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Office Manager

Posted January 21, 2023

Salary starts at 1500 cedis a month, with bonuses and raises as you begin to prove your worth.

Do you have the knowledge, experience and ability to manage the day-to-day business of a small organization that has several types of revenue streams? You need to be trained in MS Excel and accounting and your written English must be excellent. You also need basic IT skills as well as marketing and interpersonal skills. You will be interacting with people from around the world while supervising, coordinating, and motivating local staff, so you will also need to speak Twi and Ga.

Job responsibilities/Description
• Payroll, invoicing, tax-related issues
• Develop and maintain databases, filing systems, expense reports, etc.
• Organize, schedule and track meetings and appointments,
• Organize and set up workshops, concerts, and public events.
• Keep track of the bookings of house guests
• Marketing — develop strategies and implement them.
• Assist in preparing business research reports.
• Organize the office, with supplies, etc.
• Track and organize audio equipment, ensuring it is stored properly and working.
• Welcome visitors.
• Answer phone queries.
• Recruit new staff and find good tradesmen and technicians.
• Identify, report and solve all problems.
• Be ready to jump in whenever and wherever you are needed

You will be working for me, a crusty old journalist based in and around Africa for more than 20 years. I settled in Accra to produce radio documentary series. though for the moment we mostly work in the risk industry, producing research on companies and individuals. We are located at Hechtech House in Osu where we have an office, guest rooms, and an event space.

To apply, send a CV and short cover letter to
If your application is strong you will be tested.

Freelancers Wanted

for interview write ups

We need people who can accurately write up audio recordings of conversations about all sorts of subjects that are often technical and complex.

If you are looking to improve your reporting skills, this work is good basic training. And if you get good at it you can earn some money.

But you have to be able to listen and interpret very carefully, your English language skills must  already be impeccable and you must be able to format  MSWord to our exact specifications. We will be editing what you do very carefully. If you rush and report incorrectly what you hear or leave out something important, we won’t be using you again any time soon. Its a matter of trust.

If you get good, you will eventually earn  100 cedis for an interview that is 20 minutes or less, or that takes up to four pages or less. If your work is poor and we have to spend a lot of time redoing it then you will earn as little as 30 cedis.

Email us if you would like to take a test to see if you qualify:

(If your submission is poorly written or includes typos you will be disqualify. Sorry, but this is all we will have to judge you by at first).