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We produce radio documentaries and undertake investigations for corporate risk consultants. These two types of work may seem very different, but they really go hand-in-hand. Both require us to carefully seek out information and accurately report it in ways that are useful.

The corporate investigations are often technical and complex. But our reporting methods are straight forward and we pride ourselves in producing good results in just a few days.  

Our radio documentaries take much  more time. The hardest part is finding an effective way to organize the material we gather so as to tell a story that is entertaining and that rings true.

The people and companies we investigate are located all around the world, as are our clients.

We are currently working out of Ghana because we are preparing a documentary radio series called Invisible Governance. The European Journalism Center has provided generous support for us to produce our first hour-long documentary for WDR Radio5, which aired in October 2019.

But this is just the beginning. Our goal is to tell the extraordinary story of Ghana’s rich and diverse spiritual life and its influences over the nation and its politics.

Believe it or not, we have recorded interactions with spiritual beings and their priests. We are not pushing any particular belief system. We are documenting what we hear and its effects.

Once we have created pilots for the radio series, we will be looking for radio and podcast outlets. 

Hechtech House is located in Osu, Accra’s funky downtown. It includes a sound studio and office and an events space for concerts, conferences and crazy parties. We also run a three-room guesthouse.

Hechtech team

David Hecht

Born in Australia, grew up in New York and lived all around Africa where I worked as a news correspondent and UN official. I started making radio documentaries in the mid 1990s in Senegal when I was a BBC and NDR correspondent. In 2009, I moved to Berlin, learned German and started making documentaries for German public radio. At the same time I started working as an investigator for risk consultancy firms. In the early 1990s I co-authored a book on Africa called Invisible Governance: The Art of African Micro Politics. Now I’m in Accra, Ghana to fulfill my life’s dream of producing Invisible Governance, the radio series.


Gertrude Hanson

Office Admin & Investigator

I am the administrator at Hechtech, making sure the office is running smoothly. Luckily, I enjoy endless problems, otherwise I’d have quit long ago. I started at Hechtech in 2019 as a researcher. I have become skilled at finding people for David to interview for our investigations and I am good at writing up the interviews in reports. I attained a degree in Theatre Arts at the University of Ghana in 2016 and previously worked as the district coordinator for the online shopping platform e-Connect Global Africa from 2017 to 2018

Adjeley Adjei

Assistant Producer

I started recently at Hechtech as assistant producer. Sometimes the job is overwhelming. I am meant to do everything to help produce and market features for radio, plus I am Hechtech’s techie, dealing with microphones and recording devices. At times I’m also asked to help write up interviews for the investigative work. I attained a degree at the University of Cape Coast in film studies in 2018 and have worked at the National Theatre of Ghana as an actress and social media coordinator.

Esther Adjei

House Administrator

I am responsible for keeping Hechtech House spick and span. That makes me the housekeeper, but at times I also organize and solve problems as if I were a manager. Previously I was a caterer, working at the printing company Camelot Ghana Ltd.

Naa Amerley

ass. house administrator

I recently started as an assistant housekeeper. I don’t have much experience but under Esther’s supervision I think I’m getting there

Alfred Kissiedu

Investigative reporter

In 2017, I attained a degree at University of Ghana, Legon  in Music and Theatre Arts. Later in the same year, I also did acquire an Executive certificate in Human Resource Management from African Centre for Capacity Building.  Currently I work as a Light Designer at Laimomo Events and I’m also a creative writer but at Hechtch, I’m the investigative reporter.

Samuel Quaye

Tech Support & web Dev.

I’m a full stack web application developer and graduate of Ghana Technology University. Aside being the everyday Web developer at Hechtch, I also do provide technical solutions and  support to the team.

Mr. Cat

Head of Security

I am head night guard, keeping Hechtech House safe and secure. I live around the corner and was born and raised in Osu so I know pretty well everyone in the neighborhood. I was previously a security officer at various companies including Stanchart Bank

Jojo Okraku

Ass.security & Gardener

I am Hechtech’s gardener and double once a week as relief night guard. I am born in Osu. I studied agriculture at Osu Secondary School where I learned the Latin names of many plants in Hechtech’s beautiful gardens. I was formerly employed by Maxmart supermarket in Accra where I was a supervisor.



admin & investigatoR

Grew up in Kokomlemle inside Accra. Currently working at Hechtech as an administrator and assistant  investigator.


Assistant producer

Grew up  in Teshie, inside Accra. Currently working at Hechtech as the assistant radio producer and sound editor.


Investigative Report

Grew up with my parents in a community called Teshie, inside Accra. Currently working at Hechtech as the assistant radio producer and sound editor.


IT Officer

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Hechtech House
55 Okodan Rd
Corner Klannaa St
Accra Ghana GL-032-9061


+49 30 1205 9813
+233 5521 98175

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Data protection

We don’t really know what this means and, chances are, neither do you. But what we can say with all honesty is:

    • We ensure that nobody sees the results of our investigations other than our client and our team, who have all signed non-disclosure agreements.
    • If a source provides us with information on the condition of anonymity, not even our client will know who they are.
    • Our server is as secure as it can possibly be.
    • Our staff are not allowed to use their personal email for work unless they cannot access work email. Afterwards, they must destroy all work-related correspondence.
    • We only collect public information on individuals, and we have never deliberately used it to injure anyone.
    • We would never break the law unless we had a very good reason to do so.